How do I start using my headphones?*

  1. Charge: Look along the bottom of the right ear cup to find the charge port, and plug the provided USB cable into it. Connect the other end to a power outlet. Power light on headphone will blink red while charging and turn yellow when fully charged.
  2. Power on: Hold the button on top of right ear cup for 3 seconds to power the headphones on.
  3. Connect your device: Power on your headphones. On your smart device (phone, tablet, etc.), enable Bluetooth and select “Muzik One” to pair the headphones. The power light will change from blinking yellow, which indicates that the headphones are in pairing mode, to solid yellow, which means the headphones are connected.
  4. Install the Muzik Connect app: Once paired and connected to the headphones, follow the prompt to download the Muzik Connect App.



When you power on the headphone the touch panel is doing a calibration, if your hand is touching the touch panel on the right cup when powered on, it will not work and became unresponsive.

To fix it you have to wait for 1 minute without touching it while the headphones automatically recalibrate itself, or power the headphones OFF-ON.

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