Bluetooth issues


Bluetooth pairing (or “syncing”) matches your headphones with your smartphone or mobile device wirelessly and allows the two units to communicate.

 The headphones can be paired with only one device at a time. If you have previously paired your headphones with a different device and are trying to connect to a new one, be sure to un-pair the other device or simply turn off that device’s Bluetooth first.

If you are still experiencing issues connect your headphones to your mobile device and try the following:

  1. Close the Muzik Connect app, and any other apps interacting with the headphones (Spotify, iTunes, etc.).

  2. Go to Bluetooth Settings on your mobile device and “forget/unpair/unsync” the headphones.

  3. From the "On" position, hold the On/Off button on your headphones for 5 sec. This will clear the headphones from any Bluetooth device.
  4. On your mobile device, turn Bluetooth off, then back on.
  5. Turn the headphones back on. Wait for it to appear on the device list.
  6. Pair the headphones again.

Bluetooth syncing will work with most smartphones, tablet and computers.

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