Are the headphones good for working out?

The Muzik One headphones are great for working out for several reasons:

1) All the headphones come with two sets of ear cushions. On-ear, and Over-ear, depending on your preference. The On-ear cushions are a little more low profile and is well suited for working out or running. It also may keep your head a bit cooler.
2) The headphones have a wireless range of approximately 50 feet with a clear line of sight, which means you can keep the mobile device in your pocket, in your gym bag or anywhere else while you work out.
3) The touch panel on the right ear-cup lets you interact with your favorite media player without actually touching your mobile device. This mean you can skip back/forth, adjust volume, save songs to playlist, identify songs and artists, answer phone calls, etc, etc.
4) The Muzik Connect mobile app lets you program the "Hot keys" on the headphones to do a whole host of different cool functions.
5) You can buy additional ear cushions on our website,, should you wear out the ones you have (Coming soon).
6) The headphones have built in accelerometers and gyroscope, and are also updatable, which means that new mobile applications, specially designed for working out, will become available to everyone over time.

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